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Magento – Xmas Wholesaler

CHRISTmas Wholesaler


Christmas Wholesaler, is a division of GlobalWholesalers, renowned for its thriving party supplies platform CutPriceWholesalers, enlisted JTI to develop a dedicated Magento website exclusively focused on Christmas products. Harnessing our seamless integration with RBA, the website showcases up-to-date product listings with real-time stock control, ensuring a dynamic and efficient shopping experience for our customers.


the challenge

To implement a specialised feature enabling a quote-to-basket solution to be added to the website, particularly beneficial for industries like schools. This functionality allows users to curate their selections, submit a preliminary non-paid order, and choose to settle the payment at a later date, typically via cheque or Bacs. This strategic capability empowers Christmas Wholesaler by providing flexibility in managing inventory, allowing them to order products upon customer requests rather than maintaining large stockpiles on the shelves.

the solution

Employing Magento 2, we developed a robust website capable of efficiently managing the extensive product range offered by  the ChristmasWholesaler. The user experience was optimised with intuitive mega menus, facilitating seamless navigation to desired products. To enhance the customer journey, we integrated quick purchase options, one-page checkout plugins, and elastic search features, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience for every visitor.

activity carried out

  • Crafting a distinctive brand identity, we conceptualised and designed a unique logo for ChristmasWholesaler. The logo embodies the spirit of the holiday season while encapsulating the essence of wholesale offerings. Our design reflects professionalism, reliability, and a festive charm that sets ChristmasWholesaler apart, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.
  • Constructing a website with an extensive array of products, organised seamlessly through user-friendly categories and subcategories for effortless navigation and discovery.
  • Expertly coding and customising the website to impeccably showcase all elements outlined in the client’s initial brief, meeting and exceeding their expectations.
  • Integrating the Quote-to-Basket feature, enabling the seamless handling of non-paid items back into RBA via NVENTREE. This empowers ChristmasWholesaler to verify stock availability and place orders as needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Seamless integration spanning from RBA to Ad-lister, functioning as the intermediary to effortlessly post products and maintain up-to-date stock information on the Magento website. Subsequently, completed orders and quotes are seamlessly transmitted back to RBA through NVENTREE, thereby closing the sales cycle seamlessly.
  • Full Project management to ensure the custom processes work is completed and fully tested.

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