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Ziggicig pioneered a healthier alternative for smokers, an advocate for a ‘healthier’ approach to smoking. A company at the forefront of ensuring the safety of vaping products in the UK, implementing a rigorous testing system. Ziggicig’a commitment extends to a diverse audience, ranging from individuals embarking on their initial transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping enthusiasts who seek optimal performance from both their E-Liquid and devices. Catering to every stage of the journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle.


the challenge

The primary objective of the website was to facilitate seamless access to products and enable visitors to easily capitalize on any promotions or offers promoted by Ziggicig. We prioritized a user-friendly checkout process, ensuring simplicity, and clarity in the order confirmation information. To comply with legal requirements, an 18 certificate feature was integrated into the site. Every aspect of the website design was meticulously crafted to exude an inviting and approachable feel, fostering a positive and engaging user experience.

the solution

In partnership with Calhandesign, the brand was meticulously crafted for Ziggicig, focusing on creating an aesthetically pleasing logo that is not only visually appealing but is also easily reproducible. Something our designer Nick is extremely proud of. The main goal was to ensure the logo maintains its attractiveness and coolness when applied to vape bottles. Additionally, the styling was applied to the development of the website. Which was built using WordPress, and leveraging the WooCommerce plugin to take payments. WordPress was used as the Ziggicig had less than 1000 products. WordPress is also very simple to use and extremely quick to put together and this was the choice to avoid unnecessary complexity, as opposed to Shopify and Magento, with their advanced features, which were unnecessary for this website.

activity carried out

  • The logo was carefully crafted to seamlessly fit on any vape bottle, or product packaging, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence across various mediums.

  • The brand strategy extended to the digital realm, where we utilised a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to create a robust e-commerce platform.

  • This dynamic setup enabled their clients to directly connect with customers, facilitating a seamless and efficient sales process.

  • In compliance with British Trading Standards regulations, we implemented a strategic solution by incorporating a popup on the website. This mandatory popup served to confirm the visitor’s age, ensuring that anyone accessing the site was over 18 years old. This attention to regulatory detail not only demonstrated their commitment to legal standards but also provided a secure and responsible online environment for both the business and its customers.

  • Our holistic approach, encompassing design, ecommerce functionality, and regulatory compliance, culminated in a comprehensive solution that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.


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