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Ad-Lister HTTPS / link update

When it comes to the safety of our customers, we have to make sure that their important data, such as products, images and contact details are fully protected. As such, we have decided to update our servers to be fully HTTPS compliant, thus having a secure and encrypted connection between our clients and our servers.

Now you may be wondering, what does HTTPS stand for and how does it affect me? The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure version of HTTP, thus the S at the end. It’s the protocol over which data is sent between the browser that you’re using (such as Chrome or Safari) and the website (Ad-Lister in this case) that you’re accessing. The communication between your browser and our website is fully encrypted, ensuring the safety of your details.

Does this mean that the connection hasn’t been secure up until now? No, not at all. The connection has been secure ever since we’ve created Ad-Lister, but now we have upgraded it and it’s better than ever, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your details.We have also updated the Ad-Lister logo at the bottom of your listings to be fully compliant with eBay’s new policies, so our customers won’t get in trouble with eBay. Whenever the icon is clicked, it’ll take you to our brand new eBay store (stores.ebay.co.uk/justapplications) where you can explore and discover all of our useful tools, such as our order management tool (JustShipIT), our stock control software (NVENTREE), our beautiful eBay designs (JustTemplateIT), and of course, everyone’s favorite – Ad-Lister, the preferred eBay listing tool!


Why would we have an Ad-Lister logo at the bottom of all the listings posted using Ad-Lister? This is basically our signature, our work, and we are very proud of it. If a potential buyer goes to our customer’s listing and they absolutely like it, they might be interested in getting a design or using Ad-Lister themselves, so having an easy way of letting them know who was behind the design is important.

From making our servers fully HTTPS compliant and secure, to updating our logo to be fully compliant with eBay’s new policies, Ad-Lister’s new update puts our customer’s safety on top of everything else!