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All You Need to Know About eBay’s New Contact Details Policy Update

eBay’s latest update, regarding contact details and the utilisation of links & hyperlinks, will come into effect at the beginning of September 2017.

From September 2017, contact information won’t be allowed in item descriptions. This includes:

  • phone numbers or contact details
  • email addresses or social media profiles
  • images, eBay Shops or seller profiles

Now you may be asking yourself – why would eBay disallow sellers to have any contact details in their item descriptions? My guess would be that some sellers were using these contact details to avoid selling through eBay outright, and such, getting around some of eBay’s fees. These sellers were basically using eBay to advertise their business, and eBay would get next to nothing out of this.

Let’s take a basic example: The client goes to eBay in order to buy a product. They find that product, they scroll down to the item description section of the item, they see a phone number, and they decide to call the seller to ask for further information regarding that product. Now, what could happen is that the seller would offer the potential customer to sell him the item directly, avoiding eBay and thus eBay’s fees. You would think that this is an unlikely scenario, yet it happens every day, and eBay isn’t happy with it.

So what can you do as a seller, in order to have your contact details removed as fast as possible from your item descriptions? We would suggest giving Ad-Lister a try, our award-winning software capable of posting and editing thousands of listings in a matter of seconds.

You could also use our custom template builder, integrated into Ad-Lister, to create a new design for your item descriptions, and choose what details you want to be displayed on your listing. So if you don’t want your contact details to be displayed – just untick a few boxes and you’ll be set!

With over 10 years of experience in working with eBay, we also offer an option of importing your fully custom design into Ad-Lister, without the contact details, and thus, making all of your listings compatible with eBay’s new policy.

September is just around the corner, so don’t leave any contact details into your item descriptions, as your listings could be ended by eBay. Remember, we’re here to help!