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Another bomb shell to the eCommerce community. Amazon are closing its webstores.

Amazon webstores are closed

It seemed it was only 12 months ago when eBay announced it was closing its Magento Go platform which if you recall was the starter package offered for SME businesses. Now Amazon has informed via email that it plans to shut down its Amazon Webstore business with immediate effect on new prospects and existing clients being forced to switch before March 2016 when it finally closes.

Although it’s not clear why Amazon made this decision it has caused wide spread panic across its community with many switching to message boards for general help and assistance.

Currently at JTI we have around 200 customers using the Amazon Webstore platform.

Amazon webstore customer

We are advising them on alternatives such as Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify and our own cart solution NVENTREE.
Please contact us if you need no nonsense advice. We are fortunate to have the necessary skills in all eCommerce cart solutions and in reference to the general migration with our sister company (search engine marketing agency) being on hand to help us with the 301 redirects and ensuring your site moves over with minimum downtime and no consequences to the search results.   You are in safe hands.

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