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Blackthorne is retired by eBay , time to move on


From March 31, 2014, eBay has not updated, added new features nor provided technical support for the Blackthorne listing tool regardless if Basic or Pro version. The reason was very simple, eBay decided to retire this software.

Blackthorne was a listing and sales management application acquired in 1999 by eBay and worked on till 2008.

Having a Basic and a Pro version, Blackthorne was helping eBay sellers to create and manage listings on the local PC hard drives, track sales and manage communication with buyers.



As of September 30, 2014, Blackthorne will be no longer available. This means that you can no longer use Blackthorne to list on eBay, and technical support will no longer provided.
You can still access your data after the discontinuation of Blackthorne, and your historical sales—and listing data—will be locally available on your desktop.

This is the best time to look for a new listing tool.

“Ad-lister is a Web-based listing tool, very powerful yet very easy to use. “                                                                                                                  Runningwear

But don’t our customers words for it. Contact us any weekday from 9am to 5 pm on 0121 285 1050 and our professional customer service and support guys will guide you through the transit from Blackthorne to Ad-lister.

Here is some ideas on why to chose Ad-lister:

–          Create products in seconds

–          Bulk edit and update products in two clicks

–          Upload images in one go and store in Ad-lister

–          Fast and reliable

–          Advanced scheduler

–          Free and unlimited support for the listing tool

–          Be able to edit your store and listing design

–          Edit cross promotions

–          and many more .




Now that we got your attention maybe you would like to have a look on the stores front and listing designs that we have created?

Our designers, coders and developers are working for you in order to increase your sale with at least an increase of 39.9% recorded across the board in December 2013. Our designs make your shop look more professional that will generate more trust and increase the volume of returning customers.

Our templates are fully dynamic and you can manage 90% of your store design from our listing tool.

Cross-selling promotions on your pages where you can advertise your own products so potential customers even if they would not go for the item, they might still choose some other products that you sale.


We are hoping that this information got your attention today and you will consider contacting us for a small discussion and maybe we can get you to join other hundred’s of our satisfied customers.

Call us on 0121 285 1050