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Mistakes to avoid when choosing a web design company

Each day more and more businesses go online, nowadays there is no other way for a business to survive, thanks to the current pandemic. In order to get a website up and running, a business needs to find and hire a web design company to ensure that the site functions well and looks professional. It’s essential to have a well-functioning website, that’s why you should avoid making a mistake like choosing the wrong web design/development company.

To develop a strong online presence, you will have to look for a reliable, experienced, and professional company that always surpasses expectations when it comes to delivering websites. Most businesses do not put an emphasis on their online presence and hire a company that looks big enough but is really run by outsourced web designers. They also sometimes go for companies that offer the lowest rates, which results in a website that doesn’t keep up with modern standards.

Over the 15 years of working in the web design/development business, we’ve heard many stories about businesses not getting or getting what they paid for., We thought that we’ll make a list of some of the most common mistakes businesses make when choosing a web design company. This list will help you stay aware of the common pitfalls and make sure that you avoid them.

Going with a cheap web design/development company

Sometimes when you pay less, you actually get…less. We understand that there are tough times financially for many businesses out there. Yet if you are going to run a business, especially an online business, your website is not where you should be cutting corners. Cheap service will get you what you pay for- that is a bare-bones website with basic functionality. Not only that, but it can end up being buggy and slow. It also might not be as future-proof, if you want to add additional functionality and features to the website, you may notice that it is difficult to do so. This is why you should carefully research any web design company you are considering.

The truth is, nobody wants to pay more for something than they need to. However, you need to avoid getting lured in by low rates, even if that company says that they can create a jaw-dropping site for you – when things sound too good to be true, they usually are. A poorly designed and optimized website can cost you customers and sales – which, over time, hurts your business considerably. A proper web design/development company will make time to understand what your business is all about and potential customers would interact with your website if you’d use different designs.

Paying too much


On the other side of the coin, you could also end up paying too much for your needs. Not everyone needs a £50.000 website. Just because a web design company quotes you at a high price, it doesn’t mean that it will be the best work. In fact, some companies intentionally inflate their prices in order to appear as if they are better companies than others. They believe that it will make it look like they are incredibly experienced and sought-after companies.

One of the most important things when going ahead with a website is for you to decide what functionalities you want and what platform will your website be built on.

Not researching the company

A huge mistake that happens quite often involves getting captivated by a company’s portfolio – on the surface all of the screenshots of their work seem to be impressive. However, there is much more to a website than how it looks like. It’s always best practice to visit the websites in the portfolio to see how they function – when it comes to a website, looks aren’t the only thing that matters.

You should be also checking the credentials of each web design company you are considering hiring. This means doing a bit of research. First, you will have to conduct a background check, in order to uncover the company history. First of all, you should check if they are a legitimate business, then you need to look for reviews – you need to get as much insight about the company as possible. This will help you avoid scams, companies with poor customer service, and subpar web design.

Not thinking about maintenance and upkeep

If you think that once a website is up and running it will continue to run smoothly forever, then you’re wrong. Websites require regular maintenance, updates, and upkeep of all kinds, that’s why it’s important to choose a company that provides these types of services. Also, you will want to make sure that it will be within your budget to keep doing so.

Not having total control of your website

Some web design companies don’t give over all the keys to a company’s website. This results in a company not having complete control over their own website, making them dependent on the web design company. Make sure that the company you hire to build your website will give you all the permissions to do whatever changes you desire on the site.

Not getting enough storage space

A common mistake is not looking at the storage space you are getting with the website. If a company isn’t providing enough storage space, you will likely run into problems down the road.


A great web design/development company offers plenty of storage space for their clients, ensuring that their needs can be met.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when choosing a web design/development company, you can rest easy knowing that you can now pick a solid and reputable company to create your website. When done well, a website can help you grow your business in ways you couldn’t grow before. It helps you consolidate your brand and increase overall sales.