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eBay charging us postage fees from September

Can it be true? eBay charging a fee on postage


I see in the Announcements section that eBay are to be charging a final fee now on our postage.  Another push to make us go free postage?  What with the Royal Mail increasing their fees isn’t this just another stealth fee and is it ethically legal ?

On speaking to Trading Standards they feel there is nothing to stop eBay from doing this.  Why? well the argument they presented to me was most sellers increase their selling prices to compensate for the loss of postage and eBay fees/paypal fees, staff wages, lighting etc.  So is eBay doing anything wrong with applying a fee to the postage?

My response.  eBay wins either way; as pushing everyone to hike up there costs to include these fees then eBay still take on average 10% of the final price.  So clever old eBay.