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eBay Listing Designer VS. JTI Design

I have been asked lots of times “Why should I pay that much for a listing design when eBay will do it cheaper?” and I thought this is a good time to share some of my thoughts.

As you know eBay have implemented a new feature called Listing designer which will allow you to customize your listing in eBay so they have a nicer look to attract more customers. This feature does come with a charge for every individual listing which £0.30 is starting from 14 August 2014 increased from 21p for 30 day listings and 7p for short duration listings.



Just under the description in eBay you will find the Listing Designer that offers you a few different templates “Christmas Tree” in my example above.
These templates developed by eBay enable you to change both the colours and backgrounds but this is all you can do.

As you can see here:



In comparison this is what we can offer.




At first glance it looks more professional, with no clipart images that we were so used to seeing in Microsoft Power point and Word templates. An attractive look that makes it easy to contact you which invokes trust and a high level of confidence in your company as well as the products you sell. The potential customer will see that you are a serious seller who takes pride over their appearance.

Alongside this we also have several campaign widgets featured on our templates “Cross selling promotions” boxes, “Featured Products” and “Drop down menus”



Remember this is your brand so wouldn’t you prefer a template that you can decide on what advertising goes where? And be in control of what items you cross-sell?

Our campaign widgets are fully dynamic, likewise the store design and listing template can also be edited at any time. No HTML coding knowledge is needed.

Ad-lister is the ultimate listing tool, very powerful yet very easy to use. It will allow you to create new listings on eBay in seconds; bulk edit postage prices, descriptions, images and so much more.



In closing, there is a saying “You always get what you pay for” so invest wisely in your business and see results quickly.  In 2013 customers averages 39% increase in sales.  This was measured through our internal backend tool. We are expecting these figures to increase with the mobile responsive design templates.

Call us today on 0121 285 1050 and join our growing satisfied customers.