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eBay Selling tricks

Selling on any social channel brings along it’s challenges. Ask any seller! And it’s important to improve your selling strategy regularly in order to maintain good results. To be that better seller you need to keep up to date with the eBay changes. You need to understand how a buyer thinks, how a buyer searches around the site. Analyse how the buyer perceives your listings after this you are ready to be a seller. Set yourself regular meetings to strategically go through emails and see if you can adjust your products to meet the client’s requirements. For example if you sell clothes do you have a satisfactory size chart to  make it easy for buyers to choose the right size? And quickly?  Can you add trust icons to your listings to help the buyer be persuaded to buy from you? Untitled

cartoon blog -c1Finding a product that will sell takes time and many sellers who have been doing eBay since the start will probably be honest and say they fell into from selling items they had either grown out of or bought from jumble sales/car boots. Nowadays you have to research successful sellers in order to see if you can compete with a product you wish to sell.  Perhaps you need to discover how the other sellers are setting their postages etc. Once you have done this investigation highlight the positives and negatives before you move forward. We have broken down some key points to help you:

1. Have confidence in your product

Offer a money-back guarantee on everything you sell. This has been the policy of every eBay seller I have investigated these last ten year who has good sales results. This improves your credibility with the potential buyer. Even unhappy people rarely go to the trouble of sending the purchased product back. You must spell out your return policy clearly at the end of your auction or description or in the form eBay gives you to do this.

2. Master niche marketing and specialize for success

It goes without saying. “You have to find your own niche and set a goal to be the best in the market”. Doing this is crucial for your success. If you don’t have deep pockets, than it is useless to try selling for example the latest iphone models as the commission simply won’t be there. Besides don’t you think large blue chip companies can do this without your help? There is simply no way you can compete with the ‘big guys’. The best advice is find a small niche or several small niches that you can make some good commission from and earn a good reputation in the process.cartoon blog -c3

The benefit from becoming specialized in a niche are endless! If you know more about your product area, you will be able to buy at better prices from your suppliers in turn more buyers will trust you and your sail has been set. When you become an authority in your area, a whole new chapter of business unfolds. Many people will buy from a trustworthy seller and then in turn tell their friends to do the same. Personally I wouldn’t dare do business with anyone else unless I checked their eBay listing first, called them or checked their feedback.

Once you are selling, you need to maintain your standings do not get too complacent. Attend seminars, online trainings, read books about eBay, join LinkedIn group, call around your customers to improve the buyers experience with your eBay shop and listings. You can find lots of tutorials for free on YouTube.  Remember, the onus is on you and it’s you who will make the business a success. Find an online marketing specialist who can coach you, offer you advice, and bounce ideas off each other.  In turn return the compliment analyse there business act as non-executive as in the long term it might not cost you anything.

3.Automate your listings

You can automate your listings with an eBay listing tool. You can find software companies that can automate your listings on eBay to save you time and make you more money. Most providers offer listings templates off the shelf where you simply drag and drop your logo and banners and change your background colour. In turn the software will allow you to add Titles, Descriptions and insert Images, set your Prices, Terms, Length of listing, and schedule you’re listings to launch at any day or time you specify.

cartoon blog -c4 Some eBay listing tools also track your inventory and sales as well as profit and loss. Email mail shots can target existing customers to future offers and new products. Provide the PayPal payment option to your buyers, automatically post feedback once payment is received.  Offer at least 2 day despatch time ideally 1 day.

4. Use a listing tool that help spruce up your listings

Some listing tools don’t require any knowledge of HTML. However, once you have a template designed how you like it you may wish to do your own tweaks and revisions later on. Taking time to learn a little HTML will stand you in good stead and save you money in the future. Firstly don’t be afraid of HTML. Anyone can do it! As I mentioned earlier, there is always a great amount of free resources online. Video tutorials are available on YouTube where you find useful HTML snippets to copy and paste into your eBay listing tool and preview before revising your listings.cartoon blog -c2

There are many more tricks to boost your sales. If I can leave you with any advice it is this “To be the proactive seller you need to be open to new ideas, learns from others, get over barriers and hurdles, sets short, medium and long term goals. Do all this and you will have a successful eBay business”