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GDPR and Your Site

Many of our client’s ask, what do I need to do in order to be compliant when the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect?  That date is May, 25th 2018, and it’s quickly approaching.


As a site owner, it is imperative that you check on your host and make sure they are compliant.  This is especially important if your website stores information on customers who are European Union citizens.  Once you have verified that your host is in-line with the new regulation, you will need to make sure the Privacy Policy on your site is updated to reflect the new law.  If you don’t currently have a Privacy Policy on your site, now is the time to add one.

Your site may not be compliant purely based on the cookies coming from the website.  However, this can often times be remedied by a small and cheap plugin.  The majority of our clients have either Magento 1 or Magento 2.  There are two relatively low cost or free plugins available to ensure compliance.

Magento 2 –    Cost: FREE

Magento 1 –   Cost: FREE

For those using WooCommerce, there are also a few solutions.  The easiest is similar to Magento 1&2, installing a plugin.

WooCommerce –   Cost: FREE