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GDPR Legislation for all UK businesses is just 3 days away!

It is our responsibility as website designers to deal with legislation.

GDPR is a threat and a legal requirement to you as a business owner.  Unlike any other law this applies to every single business in the UK including startups and businesses with just one person.

Not heard about it? There have been adverts running on the radio and you should have been getting emails about opting in from large corporations?

GDPR kicks in on Friday 25th May 2018 and if you don’t act now you will be breaking the law with the maximum fine being £17 million.

Please don’t be one of the businesses that ignores this post as you are putting your business at risk.

If you want to discuss this either call Sean Sale on 0121 285 1047 or any of our Just Applications team on 0121 285 1050 and we can give you a guide on what needs to happen before Friday.

This post will be our last on the GDPR subject and an email will also be sent to you stating that we have asked you to get in touch.

Many thanks

Sean Sale