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How can you calculate how much traffic is coming from mobile and tablets?

With all the buzz about mobile and tablet sales on eBay.  I thought it useful to share this thread from a conversation with  Neil Waterhouse a successful eBay seller and renowned author.   He explained in a blog yesterday how his sales had increasing by a whopping 51% on eBay

I will quote him directly:

Last week for the first time saw 51% of traffic from mobile and tablets for one of our listings. This really is a game changer and shows how important it is now to make sure listings are optimized for mobile devices.

How much traffic are you seeing from mobile and tablets on your listings?”  Neil Waterhouse.

This is certainly exciting with Christmas just around the corner.

To measure your own mobile success simply do the following in PayPal using the filters menu and settings the dates accordingly.

and Shirley Strazzeri reported “My most recent monthly report showed 34%, up 5% from the prior month