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How to have more traffic on your WooCommerce website

How to have more traffic on your WooCommerce website

Do you want to know a secret? You can’t sell anything from your WooCommerce store without getting web traffic.

Let that sink in for just a second.

You can do everything right, have a great design, quality products, host an attractive website, but if no one visits, you won’t make any money.


When you increase site traffic, you’ll see more sales conversions, customer engagement, and of course, revenue. So, how can you drive more traffic to your WooCommerce store? Here are some tips that might help you.

1) Make sure that your store is search engine optimised

You might’ve heard of it – SEO. When potential customers search for products, they don’t want to have to look far. In fact, most customers using search engines don’t look past the first few results, let alone the first page. This is where a search engine optimized WooCommerce site will help you.

Optimizing your store with effective keywords, metadata, and product descriptions will shoot you to the top of the search engine rankings.

2) Use live chat

Nothing’s better than talking to a real human before making a purchase, in order to be pointed in the right direction. Do you have a question about the product, or the website’s shipping policies? Look no further, each and every website should use live chat.

With WooCommerce, you can integrate a live chat to your store, you should be taking advantage of this feature! Customers often prefer live chat over other forms of communication, like email, as it allows them to get immediate support and answers to their questions. Good customer service also correlates with customer retention, so you have to do live chat right. That means following best practices like:

Respond quickly – The whole purpose of live chat is that it’s live. Meaning, when someone asks for help, their request should be answered as soon as possible. The acceptable standard is under 15 seconds. You can find numerous web chat software tools that will help you automate your live chat option.

Human touch – While chatbots will make your response time faster, be sure that you still offer a live human to help when it’s necessary. When chatting with customers, make sure you give clear and accurate responses, give detailed solutions, make sure writing is easily legible, and proofread before sending your responses.


3) Speed, speed and speed

Again, there’s no way around this, your website needs to be fast. If it loads for more than 2-3 seconds, that’s it, the customer has clicked out and moved on. Time is money, and nobody wants to wait for 10 seconds while your fancy website loads. Make sure your checkout process is quick and simple as well. Avoid asking for superfluous information, limit extra images, and consider using a light theme to decrease loading times, even with a bad internet connection.

4) Make sure your website is mobile friendly and optimized

Did you know that most online shopping doesn’t even take place on computers? The vast majority of customers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. If your website doesn’t look good on the customer’s device, or if the font is too small, or if they can’t find what they’re looking for (or any reason, really), they will just leave! Simple as that.

In fact, by the end of 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales! Mobile Optimization reformats your site as its being viewed on different screen sizes, to best fit whatever device the customer is using.

5) Use social media!

Social media is an extremely powerful tool that’s right at your disposal. Seriously, use it! It’s a cheap and easy way to market your brand.  Most online shops and businesses utilize social media marketing to increase site traffic. Social media allows your visitors to gain insight into your brand and products, and you can use multiple channels to do so.

Connect with your audience through posts, shares, and comments, and ask them to do the same. When customers share your posts, all of their followers can see it, showcasing your brand to a whole new audience. Make sure you stay up to date on your social profiles, creating posts, and responding to questions or concerns – you never know how many potential buyers are reading them.

Closing thoughts

While it may seem difficult at first, try to invest a bit of time and effort and try to follow the steps outlined above, and we are more than confident that you’ll see an increase in sales.

Using the above strategies is a good place to start, as you’re figuring out what works best for your store. Increasing your WooCommerce site traffic will take you from merely meeting sales goals to exceeding them.