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Is it best to host your images either on eBay or host them on your own server ?

Customers generally ask us when moving to Ad-lister (eBay Listing tool) whether its best to continue to host their images on eBay or host them on ad-lister or elsewhere like PhotoBucket ?

Apart from some categories on eBay still charging on the 2nd, 3rd image it is beneficial to have your images hosted elsewhere.  As the photos need to keep their original name for SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for both Cassini and Google i.e. sea_grass_candle.jpg

Photos uploaded onto eBay have their names automatically updated to a series of characters which is not SEO compliant.

Cassini – Was the name given to eBay’s new search algorithm.  Responsible for searching item titles in determining the “Best Match” for each buyer as well as reading item descriptions and image names as well as some clever stuff like reading the feedback received by the seller and text from sellers and buyers emails.  Measuring all this to return a page of best matched products based on the customers query.