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M2e Pro Integration from Magento


When it comes to growing their Amazon and eBay sales, merchants will try just about anything that reduces the time spent on maintenance and M2E Pro achieves this and much more. It is an extension that allows you to fully integrate Magento into eBay and Amazon platforms. In a nutshell, M2E Pro allows you to manage product listings, orders and stock while also importing transactions and managing automated feedback posting for customers.

M2E Pro may actually seem to be overly simplistic but delve deeper and you will discover that it has the ability to cope with all the core functionality expected from a premium-level solution. This is probably no surprise because it once cost more than £100 per license but now it is a free extension available through all versions of Magento. When it comes to eBay, M2E Pro interacts with every single eBay marketplace including eBay Motors and it supports numerous Magento stores and eBay accounts.


If we had to sum up what M2E Pro does in a single sentence: It allows you to list products from your Magento store on eBay whilst using Magento as your stock controlling system by syncing the quantities between Magento and eBay/Amazon.

The templates: price, description and listing are used to list items on eBay. The listing templates define the category a product should be placed in on eBay as well as the shipping information. You can create a listing template and duplicate it to save time.


The M2E Pro store is powered by Magento and downloading the files from the account dashboard is easy. There are always updated versions available while the entire process is relatively simple.


Take the categories from your eBay store and place them in Magento to ensure you can use them as part of the listing template. It is possible to create a pricing and description template to be used across all listings which means you only have to edit a single master file instead of editing individual listings. Create a listing template and use attributes found on Magento to provide specific item information. Duplicate the listing template to save yourself time and stress.


One of the best features of M2E Pro is that the stock levels are synced between eBay and Magento and the latter is used as the stock control system. Now you can update quantity, end listing if you are out of stock in a particular item and relist if certain products are back in stock. The entire syncing process is rapid and convenient.

While it can take a bit of time to install and set-up, you will find that there is hardly any learning curve whatsoever and syncing your Magento and eBay shop quantities is a walk in the park.