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Mobile + JTI 40% = More sales on eBay


  • eBay recently announced that up to 40% of its total transactions have come from a mobile or tablet.
  • 6.6 new mobile customers came to eBay to shop.
  • Mobile sales are increasing 130% per year.

At JTI we have been busy creating both a mobile shop skin and a mobile listing template so visitors can browse through your listings without having to resize the display and purchase the product quickly.

JTI listing templates have always been viewable on a mobile and continue to be.  However, introducing the new dynamic designs allow your listings to be both responsive on mobile and tablet screens.

The mobile technology has been built to give the user to ensure faster sales and easy viewing.  There is no need to list differently ad-lister once revised or a new item posted will automatically switch your design based on device used.

Call us today for more information to make your listings mobile friendly 0121 285 1050