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PayPal Strike Out Cuban Coffee

As a Director of Just Applications Ltd and having 10 years of customer feedback.  I was surprised to read the article in the Independent recently of PayPal shutting down York Coffee Emporium without any prior warning. This is what the article stated having not spoken to PayPal directly. The reason I was looking for this Article was because in as many weeks I have had two eBay clients whom were large eBay sellers approximate turnovers of 18K per month tell a similar story and as a result no longer require our software to list on.  All the stories claim that eBay/PayPal did not inform the customer that they were doing something wrong; something you would come to expect with any other business or practice.

I have left a voice message for an eBay account manager to call me as some of our clients are extremely concerned that this could happen to them.More to follow.