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Photobucket is now a paid service. How does this affect eBay & Amazon Sellers?

Photobucket for many years has been a favourite amongst online sellers. A place to store your images for free and be able to use these images on eBay, Amazon, your own website, Facebook and Twitter. However, from June 20th they have moved to a paid service. An expensive hype when the service will set you back $399 (£309) a year.

Although it is a worrying hike for many users it has always surprised me they were able to do this in the first place and for so long! Facebook relies on Advertising Fees to pay for their hosting, Twitter following a similar model.  Just Application have spent over half million pounds on servers over the last 12 years so although customers used to think charging for image space on our Ad-Lister tool was unfair we could back it up professionally with our reliability and speed of delivery.  Needless to say Ad-lister supported the use of your own URLs from Photobucket and images from your own websites.

What is unfair is the relatively short announcement of this change from PhotoBucket and how they have left sellers with no images on their eBay and Amazon listings along with missing images from all old blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and personal websites and replacing them with an advertisement for photobucket holding users to ransom unless they cough up $399.99(£309)  per year.

If you need help and assistance with your images please give us a call on 0121 285 1052. Yes we do charge but not only are our fees fair we also provide tools to compress your images before uploading as well as options to remove and edit when you want to ensuring you only pay for what you use!

Ad-lister is a listing tool for eBay, Amazon, Open Cart, Shopify, Magento and Big Commerce. A tool that helps you list more easily and manage your inventory from single place. This includes your image library.