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Photobucket Redirects All eBay Images To Html Pages

Unfortunately users of Photobucket may or may not be aware of the severe problems that have been introduced by their latest roll out.

Sadly the images that are embedded in your existing live listings with a redirect link to Photobucket may know longer be showing an image.  Why?  Because the new version of Photobucket is redirecting your image path to a HTML page.

For example notice what happens when you click the following link.

Once the page loads or after a second refresh it re-directs to the following HTML page.

So in eBay the thumbnail view will display “No image available”

This is not a fault with Ad-lister or eBay, and users with cached images will not see this for some time, but slowly they will start to disappear as and when eBay reset their cache.

To resolve this issue, you need to contact PhotoBucket.