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Responsive / Mobile Template Case Study

ABCZone Ltd – Is an online retailer specialising in supplying branded toys to both consumers and businesses alike. Towards the latter half of the year, they decided to focus on creating a responsive template for their eBay shop.

Why create a responsive template?

Problem 1

ABCZone noticed that they were getting a lot of questions from customers on eBay, in particular about how a certain product worked. In most cases the answer was described in the listing. Upon investigation,ABCZone soon realised that most customers were browsing listings from their mobile phone or tablet. The listing that was displayed was often in small font and very hard to read. Customers were viewing the whole desktop site on their mobile, leading to a poor user experience.

Problem 2

ABCZone noticed a lot of people were starting to return their item for a particular listing. Most often the reason stated was that the item was bought by mistake

‘can I return my purchase because I didnt realise …’

It was apparent that people were simply looking at the item title and not the actual description properly before purchasing.


ABCZone asked JustTemplateIT to modify the eBay shop template and turn it into a responsive one. Mobile customers who viewed the shop listing would see an alternate, optimised listing that had larger fonts and it would be very easy to navigate on phones or tablets.


After optimising the template, ABCZone noticed a dramatic decline in items being returned by customers who had bought in error. This suggested that customers could fully understand the eBay listing before buying.

Secondly there were far less questions, so more time could be focused on growing the business.

A study in Paypal transactions also showed an increase in the number of people who were buying and paying from their mobile phone. Previously a lot of customers would be put of and not finish their transaction due to poor user experience.

The responsive template was implemented at the end of Agust 2014. ABCZone saw an increase in Paypal mobile payments of around 33% in September, at a time when traditionally September has been a quiet month due to start of school and end of holidays.

Overall ABCZone saved both time and money and would highly recommend JTI.


ABC Zone Study Case