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Supplier Data Feeds to eBay Amazon and your own website

Suppliers of their products or trade suppliers that stock multiple products to sell wholesale are now finding it essential to offer data feeds with their product lines to keep up with their own competitors and stay ahead by giving you their customers the ability to use such data feeds to post large volumes of products to eBay, Amazon and their own websites.

Data feeds consist of a number of csv data files or an application interface (API) allowing direct connection between 2 systems that contain essential product data, such as images, titles, categories and weight. Stock levels are often available too allowing systems to control the availability of the products to each of the platforms.

Adding a data feed to your business allows you to gain instant access to thousands of products that you would have usually had to create manually with an added benefit of the copyright worry is over as you are using the data that they supply to you, for those that want an extra level of control systems can often put the initial product details to the system and then allow you to overwrite this data but never change it back again automatically.

Some suppliers even have a facility to send the orders back to them so they despatch them to your customer directly, see our article on drop shipping which fully automates the entire process.

So once you have established that your supplier has a data feed, what do you need to do ? We are here to help !

We have undertaken a large number of supplier data feeds for Fancy Dress (Smiffys), Clothing and Motorcycle Wear (Ferridax, Oxford Products & BikeIT) to Tools (Draper Tools, Toolbank & Trend). Each one of these feeds can automatically update your existing products with the latest prices, descriptions and stock if available and required allowing your items on eBay, Amazon and your own website to be fully automated.

Our systems are also intelligent allowing you to subscribe to products that you want to sell, so even if the supplier has 40,000 products in their feed, you chose what you would like to appear on your platforms such as eBay and Amazon, with a number of automation options to chose from such as setting your own prices or titles or set the price to be 10% less than the RRP etc.

Maybe this now explains how you have often wondered how a seller on eBay or Amazon has so many thousands of products so quickly and each product is listed with an attractive design ?

To find out more details on this please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.