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The 10 top eBay experts on Twitter

Would you like to get daily insights into the lives and minds of some of the most successful eBay sellers in the marketplace? Whether you daydream about eCommerce success and launching your first online store, or are already an active seller seeking the inspiration to push your business even further, these 10 eBay experts are fantastic sources of information and ideas. Why not drop them a tweet with your eBay question?

1. Matthew Ogborne
Followers: 10.9K

Matthew is a Bristol based eCommerce phenomenon, sharing his eCommerce and SaaS successes and insights via his fascinating blog Last Drop of Ink. Extremely technical and full of smart ideas for growing fast online, Matthew is a true technical eBay whizz.


2. Suzanne A. Wells

Followers: 11.2K

Suzanne has risen to eBay success despite adverse circumstances, using the platform to make her living when times were tough. Today she regularly tweets advice for fellow eBayers and publishes her helpful tips and tricks over on her blog eBay Selling Coach.

3. Danna Crawford
Followers: 37.8K

Self-made eBay expert Danna made the journey from struggling single mother to highly successful eBay seller all the way back in 1997. Her expertise, mentorship and tips are highly sought after and can be found via her blog Power Selling Mom.



4. Skip McGrath

Followers: 10.5K

Amazon and eBay genius Skip has been selling online since 1999, sharing everything from wholesale sources, to taking really good eBay photographs that ensure your products sell via his active twitter feed and must-read blog


5. Internet Retailing

Followers: 26.4K

The team behind Internet Retailing magazine have grown their digital publication into a well-respected resource full of the latest news, views and how tos when it comes to eCommerce. With tonnes of useful articles for eBay sellers, this is a key Twitter account to get on your radar.


6. Ina Steiner

Followers: 13.3K
Full of the latest news from the eCommerce sphere, Ina Steiner’s Twitter account is a gateway to pretty much everything you need to know as an eBay seller. As the co-founder and editor of Ecommerce BytesIna seriously has her finger on the pulse of eCommerce right now and her feed will ensure you keep apace too.


7. Tamebay
Followers: 7,699

Tamebay is the top blog and news site for UK sellers on eBay and Amazon. The creation of experienced online sellers Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson , this UK focussed site is supplemented by an active Twitter presence, ideal for keeping British online retailers in the loop.


8.Suzie Eads

Followers: 2,169
AKA “The eBay Queen”. Busy mother of six Suzie Eades is a true eBay specialist and a fantastic source of inspiration and information on pretty much everything eBay. A refreshing blend of the personal and the highly helpful, Ask the eBay Queen offers a warmer take on the often faceless world of online selling.


Andrew Minalto

Followers: 475
He may not be the most active or the most followed tweeting eBayer on our list, but Andrew Minalto’s feed is a great one to follow for key nuggets of eCommerce info and essential blogs. From helpful Q&As, to crucial eCommerce updates, tips and tricks, Andrew shares the best stuff from across the online retailing sphere, plus content from his website.

10. Miriam Otto
Followers: 1,942
eBay power seller Miriam goes under the name The eBay Life on Twitter, the same name she has given to her blog which is packed with tips, tricks, techniques and stories which will help you get even better at eBay. Her Twitter account is a handy place to go for stuff like free webinar alerts – great for when you want to develop your online selling skill set.

Who are your eBay gurus on Twitter? Share the tweeters who inspire and inform you with other aspiring super sellers below.