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Top plugins for your BigCommerce online store

Top plugins for your BigCommerce online store

Looking for ways to improve sales on your BigCommerce online store? Here are a few plugins that can be really useful for you store:

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the top names in email marketing and list management. Assuming you’re building a mailing list out of customers and potential customers – and you should be – this app lets you manage those lists and the newsletters you send them.



2. Spring Metrics

Also known as Spring Engage, this is a set of conversion-focused analytics that layer over your store and work well with Google Analytics. It’s essentially a very functional dashboard where you can see each of your individual marketing channels and monitor how they’re performing.

It’s very easy to set up and configure for your business and your specific marketing channels. The most important feature, though, is that it’s real-time analytics. You don’t have to wait for selected data to be analyzed the next day.

3. Conversio

Conversio is an overarching marketing automation app for a BigCommerce store. They primarily focus on email management, but on a different front than Constant Contact. They automate specific kinds of emails, like receipts, follow-up emails, cart abandonment emails, and newsletters. On top of that, they have widgets that can sit on your site to recommend products, power a product search, or solicit feedback.

4. Sales Pop

Has this ever happened to you? You are browsing an online store, and all of a sudden you get a notification. It says something like 10 or 20 people have already purchased this product. Or 15 other people are looking at this product right now!

That’s what Sales Pop does. It’s essentially a form of social trust building in a widget. A huge element of what keeps a store from converting is trust; if a user sees that others trust the store enough to buy from them, they’ll be more likely to buy as well.

5. Yotpo

All about SEO, Yotpo is an app designed to solicit and encourage user-generated content. You know how eBay or Amazon products have reviews, many of which have user photos attached? That’s the kind of content you’re looking to get. According to the company, Yotpo users tend to see anywhere from a 30-120% increase in conversion rate once the user content starts coming in.


The actual features list includes items like social media curation, user-generated photos, SEO effects like rich snippets and Google ratings. It also includes product listing ads, comments both public and private, and more.

Yotpo has a free plan with a lot of features. More features are added for the Powerhouse, Visual, and Enterprise plans.

6. Rebilia

Adding, editing, removing payment information are sometimes real hassles for online shoppers at checkout step, which can lead them to drop if the options are not easy enough for them. Rebilia is the one of the best BigCommerce apps that helps merchants solve this problem nicely. It allows shoppers to save their payment methods (currently support Authorize.NET, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro…) for future purchases. Shoppers can view, add, delete payment options on their account. Also, store owners can easily manage authorized transactions partially or in bulk in BigCommerce admin.

7. Exclusive Offers

This plugin works best when a user closes their cart without making a purchase. You can incentivize them with an offer. Offers can be targeted based on whether the user is a new customer, repeat abandoner, or an existing customer.

You can also vary offers depending on how long since the last order or visit from that customer, where the customer came from, their location, device, and even the time of day. The plugin has a free 30-day trial and then costs 5% of the revenue they save you. A bit weird, but if they’re happy with that, why not? Feel free to give it a try!


8. S-Loyalty

S Loyalty is a fast-to-install, easy to use plugin that allows you to reward repeat customers. You can create a points program or purchase tiers, with point multipliers based on special days and events. You can give special point bonuses to users for birthdays and whenever else you feel like sending them out. It’s all aimed at getting customers to come back time and again, to cash in those points for value.

The bottom line


We feel that these apps/plugins can be amazing and very helpful for any BigCommerce store owner. Some of them are free, while others are quite cheap to run, so why not give them a try today? BigCommerce is still a very widely used eCommerce platform, and it’s seeing quite a lot of success and growth lately.

We are sure that these plugins will fit your new online store nicely, and remember, there’s nothing to lose if you give them a try. As we said, some of them are free, while the ones that aren’t free offer a free trial. So there’s no commitment. Give them a try today!