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 Top world brands using Magento

Ecommerce is continuously evolving, winning a bigger share in the world’s retail industry year after year. For many people, buying services and goods on the Internet has turned into a common pastime – all thanks to the convenience of online shopping and competitive prices offered by thousands of retailers.

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms – more than 30% of online stores are built using this CMS, according to BuiltWith.

Working with eCommerce sites for well over a decade, we’ve seen our fair share of well-structures, SEO optimized and well-designed Magento stores that are worth being mentioned.

Our list of the top world brands using Magento sites is based on their structure, load speed, navigation, UX, and mobile responsiveness. These brands are among the leaders in their industries, you might have heard of them before.


The first name in the Magento websites list is a luxury fashion house from Italy founded in 1983 – Moschino. The products that Moschino specializes in are leather accessories, shoes, luggage, and fragrances.

With the Magento platform, Moschino can incorporate the different animations on the homepage, implement the Instagram feed and create a well-structured website with intuitive categories.

The Coca-Cola store


Everyone, no matter their age, has heard of Coca-Cola. They don’t only use offline distribution systems to increase their market share, they also take advantage of the popularity of eCommerce. Due to the booming of online shopping, Coca-Cola has entrusted Magento with its brand in 2014.

To give the website more functionality with advanced marketing features, Coca-Cola chose to go ahead with the Magento eCommerce version.

Coca-Cola has been successful at engaging with its customer base thanks to the scalability and flexibility offered by the Magento platform. One example is the “Where’s my name?” campaign on the website, which was used to capture over 600.000 names in the database via Magento.

The Coca-Cola store is a fine example of a Magento site at work, as its UI was designed with impressing the customer at first sight. The site is adjusted to every holiday and designed to focus on personalization.

Liverpool FC


Being one of England’s oldest football clubs, founded in 1892, it comes as no surprise that they have an online store.

Liverpool FC online store is another great example of a Magento store. A world-famous English football club has its own clothing brand. The store offers a great category-based shopping experience, allowing fans to quickly find items that they are looking for, from souvenirs to branded clothing – you can find everything a true football fan would be looking for.

Christian Louboutin


It would be wrong for us to leave Christian Louboutin out of this Magento website list. This iconic footwear brand made the history of fashion. Besides that, this brand also releases handbags, accessories, and cosmetics.

The website is not outstanding because of its features, but because of how the website focuses on its products, hence the fantastic shopping experience that is made out of visual merchandising. The websites fast loading speed allows shoppers to quickly empty their bank accounts shopping for the latest shoes when it comes to fashion.

Land Rover


Apart from the Land Rover main website, the brand has added an online store to sell clothing and accessories. The website even sells gifts and other products like keyrings, mugs, baseball caps, etc

The brand name goes well with the layout, design, and user-friendliness of their website. Moreover, to enhance the customer experience, the checkout process is as simple as 1-2-3.

Nestle Nespresso


Nestle Nespresso is a part of the Nestle Group, the world’s largest food and beverage company. Nespresso offers customers its renowned coffee capsules and high qualitative coffee machines. Nespresso company uses Magento since 2009.

The site is beautiful, user-friendly, and highly intuitive – all done for an enhanced shopping experience.



Olympus is one of the leading manufacturers of optics products and surgical equipment. They are another example of Magento users. Only a few people know that Olympus holds roughly a 70% share of the global endoscope market. The annual revenue of Olympus for 2019 was $7.1 Billion.

Magento helps Olympus to communicate with the customers via the website using excellent website navigation, informative product descriptions, comparison lists, etc.



Another great example of a successful brand using Magento is Monin. With more than 100 years of experience, Monin is a world brand in manufacturing syrups, concentrated flavors, mixes, sauces, liquors, sweeteners, etc.

As a growing business, Monin decided to expand its market share by building a custom Magento website. The critical point is they needed a high-performing platform to fit with a multi-national and robust customer base. They have started using Magento 1 in 2013, then to adapt to booming traffic, they have decided to upgrade to Magento 2 in 2018.

The very first impression when accessing the Monin website is how the images create an engaging on-brand experience.  According to a Magento case study, Monin increased their sales by over 400% after using the Magento platform. The conversion rate has also increased by 20% and e-mail driven revenue has increased by 10%.

Final thoughts

Learning how world-famous brands implement Magento can help make up your mind when making a decision about which platform you want to use for your website. There are more than 250000 active web stores that are using Magento, and just by looking at the numbers, it makes up for its startup costs in no time!

We are always here to help you develop a unique website that fits your brand image and helps you take your business to the next level.