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UI design basics

There must’ve been instances where you overheard conversations, discussions about how the “UI”of a website is, and you might’ve wondered if those people are using this slang just to look cool? Let’s show you all about the basics of UI design.

What is UI Design?

User Interface (UI) design is focused on anticipating what a user might need to do and ensure that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.  In other words, UI design is mainly about the presentation and interactivity of a product, it is both art and science. An artistic talent comes in handy when you have to come up with an attractive design, but you also have to heavily rely on logic and method.

A website’s UI has to be designed in a way that doesn’t distract the user when browsing the website the navigation flow should come to the user naturally. Sometimes very basic things like light, color, and contrast are overlooked, which negatively impacts the UI by distracting the user and not providing enough focus on the things that matter. A well designed UI lets users complete goals faster and easier, reducing support costs and results in happier, satisfied and highly engaged users.

Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind when designing a new interface:

1. Research is the key to UI design

The UI designers need to e sure that the visual language, the theme they choose fits the class of website or application they’re writing. They need to predict user behavior and expectations. They also have to be aware of the user’s goals, then they have to learn about the targeted user’s experience and skill. Finding out what interfaces the users like and sit down and watch how they use them. By focusing on the user first, it is easier to help them achieve their goals.

2. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

Users spend the majority of their time on interfaces other than your own (Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, bank websites, eCommerce platforms, etc.). This is why you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you are developing a booking app, it is important to research how other booking apps have been developed in the past. They need to see which apps worked and which apps flopped. By using familiar UI patterns, you can make your users feel at home.

3. Consistency

The users need to know that once they learn to do something on your website or application, they will be able to do it again. You need to keep the language, layout, design and a few other interface elements consistent. Your users will have a better understanding of how things work if you keep the interface consistent.

4. Visual hierarchy

Design your interface that allows users to focus on what is important. The size, color, and placement of each element work together making the user understand the interface. A great visual hierarchy will greatly reduce the appearance of complexity.

5. Feedback

Always inform the users of any changes that you make to the interface. This should help your interface to speak to your users all the time. Also, visual cues or simple messaging can tell the user whether his or her actions have led to the expected result.

6. Allow a way for users to undo actions

No matter how clear your design is, people will make mistakes – the UI should allow them to undo actions and be forgiving with varied inputs. Also if the user causes the error, use that as a teachable situation by showing what action caused the issue. It is also important to ensure that he/she knows how to prevent the error from occurring again.

7. Keep the design simple

The best interface designs don’t contain unnecessary elements. Instead, the necessary elements are succinct and make sense. All UI designers want their interface to stand out and be memorable, but please think twice before adding a flashy GIF. This must be balanced against making sure people recognize the purpose of the elements you’re placing on the screen

Designing and creating a UI is full of obstacles – you will make mistakes, but you got to remember to always keep moving forward. JusttemplateIT has been in the design business for over a decade, with award-winning designers we can help make your dreams come true!