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Why is it Important to have a Mobile Responsive Listing Template Design?

Since the release of smartphones, there are more users browsing the internet from mobile devices – mobile web browsing has been steadily growing, overtaking the traditional computer in October 2016, with mobile and tablet browsing accounting for 51.3% compared to the desktop’s 48.7%, according to data from web analytics firm StatCounter.

Mobile compatibility is very important, not just for growing traffic, but Google favors mobile friendly websites for its mobile search results.

Due to this increase, we now see more mobile users on eBay as well, more than 55% of eBay’s transactions coming from mobile devices, and this number increases yearly. Think of optimization as transforming a listing to make it more “mobile friendly”. Mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets, have much smaller screens than desktops and laptops. Optimization makes sure that a listing still looks good and works well when viewed on a smaller screen.

Using Ad-lister, you can create mobile responsive and active content free listings just by using our default Template Builder, which is available with our basic subscription package.


The Template Builder is a very intuitive tool – you can create a custom listing design in a couple of minutes, you can add your own logo to the listing template and you can customize the color scheme so it matches your preferences.

You can also add slideshow banners which you can use to advertise your new products. Our template builder is always up to eBay’s latest standards, so you won’t have to worry about your listings having broken designs or getting taken off by eBay because they don’t meet some of their criteria.

If you want to keep up with all the changes and latest trends, Ad-Lister is the tool for you!  You can have fully mobile responsive and active content free listings within a couple of minutes! Just sign up for a Trial account here or for further information you can contact us on 0121 285 1052.