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Why should I Facebook my business?

Well, only the fact that around 680 million people use Facebook should be enough to convince you, but there’s a lot more to it than that!

Not so long ago, if you had a shop/business all you could do was advertise yourself with banners, a nice shop window, offers, etc., but the number of people/buyers you could reach was limited to your geographical location. Nowadays, everything is possible, because of the internet. You can sell your item to someone on the other side of the world as if they would be buying directly from your shop. So isn’t it time to open a Facebook business page?



Even if you only have a small group of satisfied customers at the beginning, they will do the job for you. People recommend, like and share and with an average of 100 friends per person the number of people you can reach is massive. It’s one of the best marketing tools there is and you don’t even have to do much for it, plus it’s for free, and you can’t ignore that 🙂



Being present on Facebook will significantly increase the traffic on your shop, even if there will be visitors who don’t buy your products at first, only look around and ‘like’ you, it will be of a big benefit for your business.

People aren’t always looking for things to buy, but when they’re just browsing on their facebook accounts they will see what their friends have bought, liked, shared and although they didn’t have the intention to buy anything they might like one of your products and buy it, just cause they saw it being purchased by their friend or a friend of a friend. It’s all such a brilliant structure of possibilities.

Search engines value social networking sites such as Facebook as they bring along brand awareness, communities of people who can in turn have huge impacts on a buying culture. The impact of people using social sharing and liking and responsiveness to posts and images is huge.

One of the most important arguments for having a Facebook page is that, everyone is doing it! Yes, you need to get in line, not just because it would be most likely increasing your traffic and sales , etc. but also because you don’t want to wake up one day and regret it that you weren’t taking on the new opportunities, just because you were afraid of taking the next step.

With the latest update to Facebook only sending out posts to 10% of your likes you have to be a little bit more inventive organise competitions and send the message out using direct mail or email marketing.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do Today!