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Why you should use Google Ads for online advertising

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the online advertising platform built by Google. It is also the largest and most widely used marketing tool in the world – millions of businesses of all sizes advertise online using google to reach new customers and grow their business.

Google Ads falls under the marketing channel known as PPC (Pay Per Click), where the advertiser pays per click or per impression. It’s an effective way to drive relevant traffic or good-fit customers, to your business while they’re searching for products and services like the ones you offer.

With Google Ads, you can boost your website traffic, receive more phone calls, and increase your incoming visitors.

Google Ads allows users to create ads for both mobile and desktop devices and share them with their target audience. This means that businesses will show up on the search engine results page at the moment your ideal customers are looking for products and services like yours using Google Search or Google Maps. This way businesses can reach their target audience when it makes sense for them to come across the ads.

No matter the size of your business or your available resources, you can tailor Google Ads to suit your budget. The platform gives you the opportunity to stay within your monthly cap and even pause or stop your ad spending at any point in time.

Why should you advertise on Google?

Google’s massive reach

Google is the most used search platform, receiving over 5 million search queries each day. Not to mention that the Google Ads platform has been around for nearly two decades, giving it some seniority in the area of paid advertising.

Being the most popular search engine means that it is being used by people worldwide to ask questions that are answered with a combination of paid advertisements and organic results.

It’s a flexible marketing platform

Anyone who uses Google Ads regularly will tell you that it’s an extremely flexible marketing platform. It’s suitable for all kinds of businesses, no matter the size. You can literally turn internet traffic on and off using this system, it only takes a click. It is also compatible with a wide range of other marketing platforms and software systems.

You can easily customize campaigns to focus on specific types of online users. For example, you can target people by location, the type of device they’re using, and the Google-owned website they’re accessing (e.g., Google search, Google Maps, YouTube).

You can target using demographics, this allows you to narrow your search down to the people that are most likely to use your services or purchase your products.

You can also set your own budget for specific areas of a campaign. For example, you could set daily budgets and limits on the amount you’re willing to spend on clicks for specific keywords.

Almost instant results

When you get started with Google, you have the chance to leapfrog all organic results on the SERP.  Organic traffic is still the backbone of most highly visited websites, but using Google Ads can offer you a quick jumpstart when it comes to online visibility.


It’s easy to analyze the progress of your campaigns because the dashboard gives you all of the information related to each and every campaign, such as which ads got clicked the most, the keywords that website visitors entered, and the cost of the clicks.

You get a high return on investment

Unlike any other marketing strategies, with Google Ads you will only pay for ads people click on. Once you optimize your Google Ads campaigns, you can get a high return on investment, which may not be possible with other marketing strategies.

However, this takes some time, and you have to find out which approach suits you and your business. To get a clearer picture of what will give you the best results, you have to continually test and track your campaigns. Google Ads is perfect for this because it’s very transparent, and the information you need is already available.

When you find areas of your campaign that give a good return on investment, you should focus your efforts and budget on those areas. If a campaign or parts of a campaign are costing you money, discard them. Invest those savings into successful campaigns and campaigns you will test in the future.

According to Google, advertisers make $8 to every $1 spent on Google Ads.

Your competitors are using it too

If you’re not using Google Ads, you could be missing out on important traffic that your competitors are getting. Hundreds of thousands of companies are using Google Ads to promote their business, which means that even if you’re ranking organically for a search term, your results are being pushed down the page, beneath competitors.

Final thoughts

Google Ads is one of the most powerful advertising tools available. It deals with millions of searches every day and then gives business owners a unique opportunity to convert many of these people into business leads and customers.

We have been using Google Ads (Adwords) to help our customers increase their website’s conversion rates and traffic for years. If you need professional advertising services on any of the major marketing platforms, feel free to contact us!